Why a Storage Shed?

This fundraiser is for a storage shed that will be built on Bridge Park property so…. why does the market need a shed anyway? Well, the market provides, not only fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, responsibly raised meats, locally made crafts, soaps, remedies and more, but also the market educates and informs. Every week I pack my car full of information to share with you, and every week I haul it back to where it lives. I have signs to point the way, black boards to write pertinent information, a portable seed lending library with all sorts of seed saving information and free seeds for checking out, Local Food Guides from ASAP as well as Local Foods bumper stickers, vendor layout maps chalked full of information on our vendors, books and DVDs all related to dirt in some form or fashion for Friends of the Market and vendors to check out. I have a tent, and tables, and chairs, and cones to keep people from driving through the market, water to give out to those who are thirsty (of course, I’ll still bring that from home), a cart for customers to haul heavy items from the market to their car, kids toys and games to entertain while parents are shopping and chatting. There is more, but you get the idea. A shed would provide shelter for the many items that are used weekly to help the market run smoothly and with gusto.



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