No Market August 16

There was no market this past Saturday due to a fire in downtown Sylva.The Sylva Police Department asked that the parking lot be kept clear in case it was needed. Thankfully no one was injured during the fire and that our wonderful Firemen and women were able to contain it and minimized spread to surrounding buildings.

As this is the first time in our 14 years that a Market Closure has been needed during our Outdoor Summer Market Season we had no back up plan in place. We will be seeking an emergency venue for the market should a closure ever occur in the future. Vendors with perishables need a venue to sell and customers need their weekly fresh groceries. This time we were grateful for the offer by the Franklin Farmers Market who invited our vendors to come and sell. Some vendors set up out toward Cullowhee along 107 in an empty parking lot.

Our annual party for our customers otherwise known as Taste of the Market was to take place this past Saturday. Please stay tuned for an update.


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