January 10th Market

Market is closed January 3rd.

January 10th is our first ever Open House for potential vendors. Primarily, we are looking for a few more produce vendors for the market. A few of our long time vendors have retired, slowed down operations, or moved and we are interested in exploring what area residents have to offer. While craft items are an important and interesting part of the market, we are primarily looking for vendors who can offer a wider variety of local food options. Vendors will be available to answer questions throughout the day and a panel discussion will take place from 12:00 – 12:30. On the panel will be Steven Beltram of Balsam Garden a long time produce and meat vendor who also operates a CSA, Kathy Cirka a baker, and Kerri Rayburn a soap maker. Vendors at our market must live and produce their product in Jackson or a surrounding county, and where applicable, must follow all NC Department of Revenue, NC Department of Agriculture and local Health Department rules and regulations.

Also on Saturday January 10th is our Annual Seed Ordering Day. When we order as a group we get discounts from a few different companies. Also, onions, potatoes and sweet potato slips can be ordered. For a detailed account of what companies and discounts are click on the Annual Events and Learning Opportunities tab.

We will also be having our monthly Farmers Market Fundraising Feast with locally grown Pomme Frites.

What a great way to ring in the New Year!


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