February 7th Market

Next weekend we will be having our Farmer Market Feast of the Month – brownies with raspberry sauce. Delicious! There will be a Valentine’s Day activity, so stay tuned to find out exactly what it will be.
And of course, the market is a PERFECT place to find a special present for that special person in your life and at the same time show love for your local market. Paula Carden will be there with her amazing line of greeting cards. Specially baked Valentine’s themed goodies will be available too.

Neil is only able to come every other weekend with his greens, so you’ll have to wait one more week for his tasty treats. However, Ron will have garlic and it is possible that Balltown Bee Farm will have something special and Neil is bound to show up with some eggs.

ALSO, if you are a backyard gardener and have extra greens or other winter veggies that you would like to share with your community then let me know. It only cost $5 to have a winter table at the market.


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