Anual Seed Ordering Event

The seed order is coming up on January 9. It will be at the Community Table from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

We will order seeds from Fedco and Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Onion plants will come from Dixondale Farms, organic seed potatoes from New Sprout Farms and sweet potato slips from George’s Plant Farm.

We have always gotten a discount of 24% from Fedco and I expect that to be true again this year. We will get free shipping from Johnny’s by combining orders and get bulk pricing from the other suppliers. I expect seed potatoes to cost $1.60 per pound, onion plants to be $2.60 per pound and sweet potato slips to be $3.60.

Please be aware that when ordering to get bulk prices, we may not be able to order all the varieties available. This is especially true of seed potatoes. This year we will probably be able to order 50# each of German Butterball and Kennebec at $1.60/#. Other varieties will depend on the total amount selected by all of you, but I can order smaller amounts at slightly higher prices, e.g., 20# at $1.76/# or 10# at $1.90/#. I will have to total the amounts ordered for each variety and see how it works out.

I will have catalogs at the ordering meeting. You can view all the products from these companies on line or order your own catalogs so you can select what you want at your leisure and have your list ready on ordering day.

The websites for these companies are:

We are planning to have the pickup day for seeds on February 13 again at the Community Table between 10:00am and 1:00pm.

(Some seeds from Fedco may be backordered and will be sent to me when they become available. I will notify you when they come in and you can get them at the Farmers Market in March and April.) Pickup day for onion plants and seed potatoes will be March 5. Sweet potato slips will be here on May 7.

I will look forward to seeing you on January 9.



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