Greening Up the Market

This weekend is Greening Up the Mountains. The whole town turns in to a festival which is a lot of fun if you’ve never been. Something for everyone!!

The Farmers Market will be taking place from 9:00 – 4:00 in its usual location (just a bit scootched over to make way for the musicians dropping off equipment). We have a few new vendors – Darnell Farms who has Strawberries this time of year and Worley Farms who has happy Pork as well as Milk (pasteurized, but not homogenized), butter, an half and half. We welcome them to our Market! We will also have goat meat and cheese, baked goods, granola, and Dawson Green (Neil) had cucumbers last week! Lots of greens and lots of plant starts to be had. Backwoods Bakery will have their pizza oven this weekend as well as their breads and goodies. I know I have missed something amazing (did I say honey). You will just have to stop by and see what else there is…. herbal remedies, pottery, cards, wool, coffee, the list goes on.


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