There is a story waiting to be told at the Farmers Market

When you shop at the Farmers Market, or just browse along the tents and tailgates, don’t you have a burning desire to delve deeply into the minds and hearts of those vendors? Did you stop to think that maybe they are just as interested in getting to know you?  That’s one of the major differences between a market and a Farmers Market. Whether you’re contemplating how to serve up yard long beans or searching for some herbal salve to soothe the chigger bites, each and every vendor and product is a story waiting to be shared.  Learning the story behind what they sell opens a highway of information for you the customer as well as the vendor.

Here are some conversation starters for your next visit to the Market courtesy of Carolina Farm Stewards 


1.   Why do you farm?

2.   How do you decide which products to grow?

3.   What kind of fertilizers do you use?

4.   How do you deal with your weeds? insects? diseases?

5.   Do you grow all the products that you sell?

6.   Do you have any recipe recommendations/suggestions?


1.   What type of livestock do you manage?

2.   How do you feed them? What do you feed them? Do you use organic feed?

3.   Do you use hormones? antibiotics?

4.   Do you provide them with access to the outdoors? Are they pasture based, free   range, or confined?

5.   How do you process your animals? Do you do it or does someone else?

VALUE-ADDED GOODS (jams, baked goods, canned goods, etc…):

1.   Do you grow all your raw ingredients? If no, where do you get your supplemental   ingredients? Are they local/organic?

2.   How do you prepare, store, cook your products?

3.   Where did you learn your craft?

4.   Why do you sell at the farmers market?

And meet our vendors

Check out all our vendors for this season and we’ll see ya at the Market!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    We loved your write up and went and had a blast. .met some great folks and got some delicious stuff..even was able to have a gluten free green tomatoes. ..the best..thank you

    1. Thanks Tricia! We are so pleased that you joined us yesterday and hope you’ll make the Market a regular Saturday morning event.

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