September means…

…a fantastic time to get your plants and bulbs in for the following years. Check out this article.

Fall Planting Gives Your Landscape a Healthy Head Start

by Greg Moberg of Allisonville Nursery

The weather is turning cooler, which means it’s time to get out in the yard and do some planting – right?

While it might sound counterintuitive, the best time to plant a new tree, shrub or perennial actually is in the fall. When a plant is put into the ground in autumn, it may be facing the cold above ground; but in the Midwest, root growth continues until deep soil temperature drops below 40 degrees.

If you plant a shrub in spring, it must acclimate itself to its new home and begin growing immediately. At the same time, it has to produce leaves, flowers, and then endure the rapidly arriving summer heat.

Plant the same shrub in fall, and it will become happily dormant above ground soon after planting. But the roots will have several months to grow and become comfortable and strong in their new home.

When spring arrives, the plant is established and ready to put out strong leaves, new growth, and lots of flowers! Fall planting gives your plant’s roots a wonderful head start.

For newly planted and established plants, fall fertilization is very important. If you only fertilize once a year, do it in the fall.

Spring is still when you’ll find the greatest selection of shrubs and trees. But most nurseries and garden centers are beginning to recognize the value of fall planting and making special efforts to provide their customers with the best selection throughout the fall and early winter season.

When selecting those special plants for your landscape, look for healthy, well-grown plants. Always buy from a reputable nursery with an experienced staff. These nurseries are in the business of selling service year-round. In turn, they depend on loyal customers’ continued confidence in their business.

Plants come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, colors, but the most important thing to consider is the quality of what you’re purchasing. It’s important to inspect plants individually. Shopping by phone or looking for the cheapest price can be a costly mistake when it comes to buying new landscape plants. Many times you will find that not all nurseries and garden centers are created equal.

A new tree or shrub can be a large physical investment. Why not give your new plant the best possible chance of survival? Get outside and take advantage of this fall planting season!

(A version of this article has appeared on Allisonville Nursery’s website.)

And don’t forget native plants. Come on down to the Market this Saturday and pick up some perennial and native treasures from our vendors. Our knowledgeable growers can give you the planting and care tips for each plant you buy. Some of these won’t be around much longer so don’t wait another weekend to spruce up your garden and landscape. See ya at the Market!


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