Apples and Onion Relish

This tasty condiment was prepared for our monthly Market Feast on Saturday, Sept. 10th, and several of our customers asked for the recipe. The blend of onion and fruit lends itself to so many possibilities you will want to whip up several batches to combine with crackers and cheddar cheese, or goat cheese or cream cheese or try it on pork or brats or chicken. We served samples on basic white bread provided by Backwoods Bakery. This fall combo was a real hit with our Market goers. We think you’ll like it too!

Here’s the recipe from

Our chefstress supreme, Jennie Ashlock, made some important variations to our recipe. We used apple cider vinegar instead of wine, no butter…only oil, and in one batch fresh thyme was used rather than cayenne. And about that cayenne: you can definitely cut the amount in half. We also suggest trying other herbs such as rosemary or perhaps sage. It’s a great recipe for experimentation. Enjoy and let us know how you liked it. Hey, send us a picture and any new ideas you have for this delicious paring.  We’ll pass them along.


Thanks to Jennie and Joseph Nardello, our fabulous volunteer chefs and to Pineapple Sage, Pomme de Terre Farm, Bud’s Bees, Backwoods Bakery, Ron and Cathy Arp, for donating ingredients.

Next month is OctoberFest at the Market. What do these two have cooked up for us? Find out on October 8th.


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