The Season of Betweens

Must say I was quite happy to be someplace untouched by Black Friday or Thanksgiving football this year. Now comes that strange time of ‘betweens’ dealing with the remnants of that over-bloated feast day and the over-bloat of consumerism. But at the Farmers Market, fortunately, our weekend markets continue to offer the great local food items and produce, crafts, herbs, and other items you’ve grown to know and love.  How’s that for a pleasant reality check after cyber Monday and taco Tuesday?

Still, the Market cannot resist entertaining the holiday season for two Saturdays in December when it changes itself into a “Holiday Bazaar.” We’d love to spend it with you. Find us at The Community Table building between 10am and 1pm on Decemcookie-decoratinber 10th and 17th for crafts, pottery, greeting cards, woolen creations, herbal treats, botanicals, Christmas spices and seasonings, honey and beeswax crafts, and great food items, meats and produce.

How about some cookies and hot cocoa to warm you up? Our Market Tasting and monthly fundraiser on the 10th will  provide you with a delicious gingerbread cookie (provided by Backwoods Bakery) and icing and decorations ready to be transformed into a work of art.

Or maybe just a reindeer.






Whatever, it will be delicious AND your donation keeps the Market humming. Buy several…one to enjoy at the Market and some to take home.  Here are more cookie and hot drink ideas from our Market: a cup of Haversack Coffee and some Bliss Fudge; mulled cider spices from Pineapple Sage Herb Farm and, well, just about anything. And of course there is always that one elf  who just has to streamline the drinking and baking process. Try a hot cocoa cupcake  and we’ll see you at the Market.


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