Hi, everyone!  We hope you are having a wonderful week and we hope to see you at the Jackson County Farmers Market this weekend!

Currently, the market is still located inside The Community Table on Central Street from 10-1 for the next few weeks through the end of March. The outdoor market starts back up on April 1st. We are really excited about the Spring/Summer season coming up quickly.

In the coming weeks, we will update you on events, including Science at the Market (coming soon) and our local Greening Up the Mountain festival, where we will have extended hours, just to name a few events that we are happy to be a part of.

This week, our scrumptious selection of locally grown food and beautiful handmade creations includes: mushrooms, including Oyster, King Trumpet, Lions Mane & Chesnut; one-of-a-kind pottery, houseplants, dried catnip & catnip plants, salad greens, kale, turnip greens, delicious chicken eggs, to die for breads and other baked goods, organically fed & pastured duck eggs, Jerusalem artichokes, gorgeous glassworks, beef, pork, chicken, dairy, handmade cards, soaps, botanicals, balms, salves, tinctures, protein and granola bars that are organic, vegan & gluten-free, brewed coffee and grab yourself a bag of coffee beans to take home.  We even have knife and tool sharpening that can be done while you shop.

Below, we have some images sent in from vendors or taken last weekend, where we would like to spotlight their spectacular work, with both food and crafts.

Thank you for being loyal and supportive of JCFM and local foods!  It is always appreciated.  See you on Saturday!

This is a FREE homemade dehydrator just like one seen on solarfooddryer.com.  On this site scroll down the page to see a picture of one.  The one that is being given away is not new; it was built it about 9 years ago.  Anyone interested can contact, Katherine, by calling or texting 828-226-8414.

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