Last Week of the Indoor Market!

Hey, everyone!  Welcome to Spring!  I hope everyone enjoyed the amazing weather this week.

This week, the JCFM is still inside the Community Table from 10 until 1.  It’s our last week of the indoor market season!  Come join us and celebrate the last of indoor markets.  Also, if you don’t know the story of The Community Table, check it out at  It’s a very special service to our community and we appreciate them.

We have an abundance of greens for your garden, coffee while you shop, handmade cards, protein bars and granola, tool sharpening while you shop, Jerusalem artichokes, root crops, mushrooms, crafts, honey, herbs and spices, catnip, houseplants, chicken and duck eggs, kale, spinach, chicken, pork, beef, milk and cream, soaps, creams, soaps, salves, breads, cookies and brownies, beautiful pottery and so much more!

We hope to see you all there!

Upcoming Events at
The Glorious Jackson County Farmers Market

In April, we return to Bridge Park and our outdoor season.  To celebrate, we will have a market raffle with a wide variety of vendor-donated items.  Tickets are $1 and available every Saturday with the drawing being Saturday, April 29th.  Participants do not need to be present to win.

Truly Local Pizza! The Backwoods Bakery will have their Pizza Wagon out at the market on the 1st & 22nd of April as well as the 20th of May.  Their crusts are handmade with locally milled flour and they are sourcing most of the ingredients for toppings from the market.  The pepperoni is now from Hickory Nut Gap Meats (Elon, NC close to Asheville).  It does not have MSG, BHT, or BHA in it!  Their pork comes from Worley farms and/or Hickory Nut Gap (depending on who has it available).  I bet we can talk them into being there more often if we show them the love and support their truck.

We will have Science at the Market on April 8th.  Market guests can study plants under microscopes, plant a seed, make butter, learn about bees, go on a scavenger hunt, among other activities.  Science at the Market is part of the North Carolina Science Festival.

Greening Up the Mountains Festival, Sylva’s annual festival to welcome spring back, is on April 22nd.  This is the 20th year of the festival, so it’s a very special event.  The Jackson County Farmers Market is proud to be a part of this wonderful festival.  For more information, please visit

The 2017 Earth Day Student Art Contest is running through April 10th.  Submissions should be turned into the Jackson County Public Library.  For more information, please see the info booth or visit

On April 29th, we will have a Seed and Plant Swap, which has been organized by Cullowhee Community Garden’s own Adam Bigelow.

On May 20th, Sylva will have their first Hook, Line and Drinker Festival from 12-4.  The JCFM will still be open from 9-12 that day & a number of the JCFM vendors will remain for the festival.  For more information, visit


Here’s a glance at some of the vendors from last week’s market:



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