It’s not an April Fool’s joke! The outdoor market is back!


Please come and celebrate the opening day of Jackson County Farmers Market’s outdoor season this Saturday from 9-12 at Bridge Park!  We are welcoming back many of our summer vendors this week!

You will find coffee to sip while you shop, handmade cards, protein bars and granola, candles, tie-dyed T-shirts, organic fertilizer, goat meat and cheese, tool sharpening while you shop, Jerusalem artichokes, root crops, garlic and raspberry plants, tomato starts, plus many other starts for greens and herbs for your garden, mushrooms, crafts, honey & honey products, herbs and spices, catnip, houseplants, chicken and duck eggs, spinach & kale, swiss chard, cilantro, chicken, pork, beef, milk and cream, soaps, creams, aromatherapy, salves, breads, cookies and brownies, beautiful pottery, native plants, locally sourced pizza and so much more!

Saturday’s gonna be beautiful and loads of fun!  Come join us for this first day back in the beautiful outdoors!


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