Calendar of Events

Check back for the 2018 Jackson County Farm Tour information.


Market Bites

Each month, a vendor or special guest will provide a taste of foods available at Jackson County Farmers Market.  Please see the home page for upcoming Market Bites dates and details.


Taste of the Market is our annual opportunity for customers to sample many of the items available from our vendors and learn to prepare the food that they can purchase at the market. Past Taste events included how to prepare rabbit, chicken, greens and more. Taste of the Market also offers our craft vendors an opportunity to share their crafts through demonstrations, spinning wheel demonstrations, and more.  The 2017 Taste of the Market will be held on September 9th, 2017.


Sylva Sprouts is a free seed project committed to increasing the quality and quantity of wholesome food in our mountain town through education that fosters community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing. The Library is currently undergoing reorganization and we plan to make it available for the 2018 growing season.


The native garden was created with care to surround our outdoor market sign. On the back of the sign is a map of the plants along with an article about why native plants are important and a list of native and invasive plants organized by trees, shrubs and vines.

Previous Events

2017 Seed Order Day

Seed orders take place during Winter Market in January at the Community Table during regular Farmers Market hours from 10:00-1:00. Catalogs and order sheets are provided.  Approximately one month later, the seeds are distributed.
If you want to get a head start and have more time to consider what to get, you can get all the information online. Here are the companies we will be ordering from and their websites. You can browse online or order your own catalog or download it.
Fedco Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
News Sprout Farms
George’s Plant Farm
Dixondale Farms
Fedco is the main source for vegetable, flower and herb seeds. (No potatoes, plants, cover crop seeds or supplies). We usually get a volume discount of 24% on our order.
 Johnny’s is another source of ALL seeds as well as supplies. With a $200 order, we get free shipping. No discount however.
 New Sprout Farms is our supplier for organic seed potatoes. We have to order in 50 pound bags to get the wholesale price, so we cannot get all the varieties. If you want to get 25# or more of one variety, that will go a long way toward getting that one ordered (let me know ASAP). We can also get a 10% discount if I place the order before December 31. Last year we ordered Canela, Carola, German Butterball, Desiree, Sangre II, Kennebec and Mountain Rose (which was sold out). This year we can also get organic sweet potato slips for Covington, Garnet, Orleans and Murasaki.
George’s Plant Farm has been our supplier for conventional sweet potato slips. We can order Beauregard, Nancy Hall, Centennial, Vardman, Porto Rican, White Triumph, Carolina Ruby, Georgia Jet, Japanese Red. We need to have at least 50 of one variety, which come in bunches of 25.
 Dixondale Farms supplies onion and leek plants. They have a lot of varieties, but Intermediate day length varieties do best here.


2012 marked the first year that we had a Winter Garden Workshop, and in the future, we hope that it becomes an annual event. The event was held at Dan Pittillo’s home in Cullowhee, NC. Dan is an avid gardener and extremely knowledgeable about plants. Participants learned how to protect plants from frost, when and what to plant for a fall crop, how to keep weeds down (with newspaper and grass clippings), and about using beneficial insects to keep the bean beetles at bay.

Spring Winter Garden Workshop at the Sylva Community Garden with Adam Bigelow
Spring Winter Garden Workshop at the Sylva Community Garden with Adam Bigelow

The first winter garden workshop, held in the fall, was such a success we decided to do another in late winter with Adam Bigelow which included a tour of the Sylva Community Garden.

Adam Bigelow is an organic gardener, who has been a member of the Sylva Community Garden for 8 years. He has a horticulture degree from Haywood Community College and a B.S. in Environmental Science from WCU. An avid winter gardener, Bigelow will demonstrate techniques and methods of season extension, including cool season crop choices, row covers, plastic covers, low-tunnels, and many other methods as described in books by Elliot Coleman.




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