Recipe Box

From our monthly Market Bites:

Dawson Green provides an array of all things green tomatoes. You haven’t tasted Fried Green Tomatoes, until you’ve tried Neil’s. He won’t share the recipe. Here’s the next best thing: Grandma’s Fried Green Tomato Recipe

In September, we offered a sampling of seasonal apples and onions caramelized to perfection and served on Backwoods Bakery sourdough bread. The smell wafted through the Market and it was intoxicating.

Thank you Cathy Arps of Vegenui Gardens for supplying these great  Local Foods Greens Recipes.

And another recipe page from Cathy: Local Foods Summer Recipes


Buy Haywood works with counties around WNC to promote and preserve farms, farmers, local foods and much more. They recently partnered with our market to put on a Cooking Local Demonstration which produced a delicious eggplant dish created by Jen Pearson of Guadalupe. Although, I don’t see this recipe available yet on their website,  Buy Haywood shares many delicious recipes created by the various projects they have sponsored.  These recipes are available here:



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