Vendor Registration

Interested in vending at the Jackson County Farmers Market? Vendor contract and further information can be found below.

In 2013, the NC State Legislature made some new changes to the Tax Law that will impact you as a Vendor:

1. Unless you are exclusively selling your own farm products (non-value added), you must obtain a “Sales and Use Tax” certificate of registration from the NC Department of Revenue (NCDOR) .  If you are selling only farm products you can fill out our Attestation Form attesting to the fact that you are selling your own farm products, or obtain your Agricultural Tax Exemption Number.

2. All vendors must conspicuously display their NCDOR Certification number or their Agricultural Tax Exemption Number at their booth (not required if you sign our Attestation Form because you are selling your own farm products).

Please note that the vendor contracts and applications are updated for the  April 2017- May 2018 year as of March 21, 2017.  

JCFM Vendor Contract Apr 2017-Mar 2018  Interested vendors: Please download and fill out an application/contract and email, mail, or hand it in at the Information Booth on Saturday morning. Applications will be reviewed, by the Board of Directors, on the second Monday of the month.  You may contact Lisa at:, or  828-393-5236, if you have any questions. Please be sure to fill out our JCFM Vendor Map-Information for Customers Form 2017-18 and hand in with your contract.

2017-2018 JCFM Attestation Form To be filled out by those selling only farm products you have produced (eggs included). Vendors selling eggs must follow North Carolina Egg Laws which can be found here:

Or you can fill out the Agricultural Tax exemption form:

Be sure to read over the guidelines in our JCFM Vendor Contract Apr 2017-Mar 2018 to know if you are a good fit for our market. We encourage the use of local ingredients where applicable for any interested Value Added food vendors.

If you decide to join our market as a full-time active member please also fill out the  JCFM Vendor Map-Information for Customers Form 2017-18 This form will only be available until the end of April. Your information will be included on a Vendor Map for Customers which is distributed throughout the region.


If you are a craft vendor, be sure to read over our JCFM Craft Vendor Guidelines Apr 2017-Mar 2018 If you have read over these  guidelines and would like to vend at the JCFM, download and fill out the additional JCFM Craft Vendor Application Apr 2017-Mar 2018 along with your vendor contract. Please attach images and mail to: PO Box 903; Sylva, NC 28779, email to, or hand it in at the Information Booth on Saturday mornings.

All vendors of Arts, Crafts, Jewelry, and Value-Added Farm Products may access the necessary NCDOR registration form here:

NON-FOOD VENDORS PLEASE NOTE! There is a Waiting list: A Note to Interested Craft Vendors: The JCFM maintains a ratio of food to non-food vendors (60% to 40%) and we are currently at capacity. However, if you are interested in vending crafts at the market please email Lisa a completed craft application so the Board can review it and Lisa can put you on a waiting list.

WINTER MARKET begins November 4th at The Community Table.

Thanks for your interest in vending at the JCFM!


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