Sylva Sprouts Seed Lending Library

This Sylva Sprouts Seed Lending Library is being updated and more information will be provided at a later date.  Thank you for your patience.

The list of seeds available has been updated as of April, 2014. It is constantly changing so if you are looking for something, in particular, please feel free to contact me at Also, if you are interested in becoming involved with the seed library let me know – we are always in need of volunteers. We are also in need of someone interested in teaching classes on any aspect of seed saving!!

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List of seeds available at the library

library card

planting charts


Welcome to the Seed Lending Library – Sylva Sprouts! The Seed Lending Library is a free seed project that has been established here in Jackson County so that we can come together as a community to share seeds, learn how to save seeds, and become aware of the importance of the seed and seed saving. By sharing seeds in our community we will develop seed stock that is well suited to our climate, mitigate our dependence on agribusiness and save money. By learning to save seeds we will foster our community’s self-reliance.


I would like to stop for a moment here and give credit where credit is due. This project would not have come to fruition without the amazing efforts of Rebecca Newburn and others of Richmond Grows Seed in Richmond, CA. They have provided much information and materials to make this project possible. I would also like to thank the NC Cooperative Extension Service Center, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee, and the Jackson County Farmers Market for providing funding and encouragement for the project.


Sylva Sprouts is located in the NC Cooperative Extension Service Center which is on the second floor of the Jackson Community Service Building 538 Scotts Creek Rd/suite 205 (go straight down to the end of the hall at top of the stairs). Sylva, NC 28779 Monday – Friday 9-5 closed from 12-1 for lunch. If you are not available during these hours the Market often brings the Portable Seed Lending Library which you can find at the information booth.


Sylva Sprouts is dedicated to teaching the art of seed saving. Please be on the lookout for seed saving classes. If you are interested in teaching seed saving classes contact The Jackson County Public Library has supported the library by offering some great seed saving books available to check out.

Sylva Sprouts Seed Lending Library


Organization of Library

Library is organized by seed saving ease.

  • Super Easy Seeds are reliably the same as the parent plant.
  • Easy Seeds will cross with other plants of their species and some precautions must be taken.
  • Difficult Seeds readily cross with nearby plants and sincere precautions need to be taken.

Seeds are organized within their respective category by Family and behind family plants are alphabetized.

How to Borrow Seeds

  • Fill out a membership form in the white three-ring binder.
  • Some seeds may be prepared in smaller portions for individual use – if not use a small envelope and fill out each line. If needed use stamp to stamp envelope first.
  • Put 4-5 seeds per plant you want to plant.
  • Use separate envelope for each seed variety you plan to take.
  • You may borrow difficult seeds, but unless you have taken a class or know how to save difficult seeds, please don’t return them. Start with Super Easy Seeds to ensure success.

How to Return or Donate Seeds

  • Fill out a new, or find your old, membership form in the white binder.
  • If needed use the small envelopes and fill out each line – if envelope is not stamped, use the seed stamp.
  • Find appropriate drawer and section for your seeds and place your envelope alphabetically behind the divider.
  • Use the back of the book provided to look up the scientific name of your plant.

Thank you for being a member of the seed saving library!


Interested in checking out or contributing seeds? You can print and fill out the Library Card  card before you go. Just be sure to put the filled out form in the three-ring binder at the library.

If seeds are from the difficult to save category please make sure you have taken extra measure to save properly!!!



Advanced Seeds planting chart

Super Easy Seeds planting chart

4.2014 Sylva Sprouts list of seeds

Library Card Sylva Sprouts Seed Lending Library

Here are a few resources:  – Hudson Valley Seed Library – can sign up for e-newsletter – very informative site. Grows Seed Lending Library – If you ever need a burst of enthusiasm for the art of seed saving. Plus there is a video on their home page on how to save eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. This site is where the structure for Sylva Sprouts came from. Savers Exchange – This site really is the official seed saving source. Their page takes you straight to a concise description of how to save seeds of individual plant types. The book Seed to Seed by Susan Ashworth that is mentioned on this page is a great resource and is available both in the Fontana Regional Library System (Jackson and surrounding counties) and in the Jackson County Farmers Market Library available to Friends of the Market. Seed Savers Exchange also offer webinars that are archived and available from this page as well.

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Location 110 Railroad Avenue, Sylva, NC 28779 Phone 828-393-5236 E-mail Hours Feb - March Saturdays 10a-1p * April - October Wednesdays 3:30p-6:30p & Saturdays 9a-noon * Nov - Dec Saturdays 10a-1p
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