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Please check your acknowledgement of the following: All produce/vegetables that you sell at the JCFM must be grown by you, the vendor. You may not resell produce/vegetables brought in from outside the local area at the JCFM. However, you may sell harvested berries, mushrooms, etc. that you have gathered from Jackson County or an adjoining county, provided that any pertinent Local and State Regulations have been followed. You must live in, and have grown your produce and vegetables, in Jackson County or an adjoining county. (Please note that the Board may make an exception for farm product vendors living in North Carolina counties other than Jackson County.) All crafts sold at the JCFM must be made locally by you, the vendor. Additionally, all crafts must be made from raw materials (not from a kit). You may not resell any commercial products or second-hand "yard sale" items at the JCFM. Because the JCFM is focused on being a "farmers" market, during the outdoor season, we endeavor to maintain a balance of at least 60% farmers/growers to 40% non-food vendors, the number of booth spaces for non-food vendors is limited. All crafts and non-food items require an NCDOR resale number (required) All value-added products sold at the JCFM must be made locally, by you, the vendor. If you are selling any processed food (for example jams, jellies, molasses, bread or baked goods), these MUST be prepared in a certified kitchen (please ask Market Manager for more information about options). Additionally, we ask that you provide the JCFM with the proper documentation showing that you have passed and are up-to-date with all necessary inspections for your certified kitchen. All vendors of value-added and prepared food products must meet all Federal, State and County guidelines pertaining to the preparation and sale of their products. These goods must be properly labeled with your contact information and an ingredients list. All value-added products require an NCDOR number. All meat sold at the JCFM must be locally raised by you, the vendor. Additionally, we ask that you provide the JCFM with a copy of your meat handler's license and permit for the sale of meat and shellfish (obtained from the county Health Dept) with the contract AND keep a copy of both of these licenses with you at the market. Please submit an application in advance of selling at the JCFM. If you have not submitted this application in advance of selling at the market, please know that your membership is provisional until the Board approves your application. Any product that is outside a vendor's approved category that has not been approved by the Board needs to be approved by either the Market Manager or the Board. Vendors who are selling products that are not tax exempt are required by state law to register with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. You must display your "Sales and Use" tax certificate of registrations on your booth at all times and provide a copy to the market manager with this contract. Non-tax exempt vendors will not be able to set up without providing proof of the NCDOR resale number to the Market Manager. Vendors who are selling products that are tax exempt must provide a written attestation form to the market manager OR provide the market manager with your NCDOR agricultural exemption number. All vendors of the Jackson County Farmers Market will accept credit and debit tokens ($5.00) and SNAP (Supplement Nutritional Assistance Program) tokens and the Double Up Food Bucks tokens ($1.00) available at the market information booth. Refusal to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the market as a vendor. When tokens are presented as payment: $1 (SNAP) tokens are only for the purchase of SNAP eligible products and NO CHANGE may be given. They may be used to purchase: breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, coffee, seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat. These tokens cannot be used to purchase any non-food items: soaps, paper products, crafts, household supplies or prepared hot foods. $1 (DUFB, AKA incentives) may ONLY be redeemed for fresh produce and fruits and no other products. $5 (Debit/Credit) tokens can be used to purchase anything and change may be given. Debit/Credit users are charged a $1-$2 fee at time of purchase to help offset the cost of the transaction. All tokens must be turned in for reimbursement and may not be reused by the vendor. Vendors should submit their tokens to the Market Manager for reimbursement. From April through October, Saturday morning set-up is from 8:00 AM until 8:45 AM. We ask that you be at the market and setting up by 8:15 PM at the latest so we may ensure that all vendors will have a space and be ready by 9:00 PM For November through March, Saturday morning set-up is from 9:00 AM until 9:45 AM. We ask that you be at the market and setting up by 9:15 AM at the latest so we may ensure that all vendors will have a space and be ready by 10:00AM. If vendors choose not to tailgate, they should move their vehicles to the gravel parking lot (other side of Bridge Park) by market opening. Farmers Market season vendors (those who have paid the summer season fee in advance) are entitled to a designated 10' x 10' space. Please let the Market Manager know by the Thursday before the market if you will be absent. (Someone else may need the space). Farmers Market weekly vendors who attend the market on a drop-in, week-by-week basis do not have a designated space, although we do make an effort to put you in the same space each time you come. Please see the Market Manager for your space assignment the morning of each market and understand that there may be a short wait while we are getting vendors into spaces. It is also possible that no space will be available. For safety reasons, we ask that vendors stay for the entire duration of market hours and do not pack up early to leave. (If you know you will need to leave early, inform the Market Manager in advance and they may site you in a space from which you can safely leave early.) Weights and/or tie-downs are required for all canopies/umbrellas. The Town of Sylva regulations prohibit smoking on Town property and, consequently, there is No Smoking allowed at the market (Town of Sylva Parking Lot) and the adjacent Bridge Park. While our lot is in the Downtown Sylva Social District, vendors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during market. Please note that if the regular the Town of Sylva parking lot is unexpectedly and temporarily unavailable to the JCFM, vendors will be contacted when possible, and signs will be posted on the morning of the market with directions to an Alternate Market Venue. Summer Saturday Market Vendor Fee - We ask that those who wish to have a designated space for the outdoor Saturday Market season pay the $150 season fee at their first market of the summer season. We offer an option to pay in 2 installments of $75. Weekly Drop-in Members pay $15 per market attended, and must pay before setting up. Winter Saturday Market Vendor Fee - $5.00 per market for all vendors - paid before set up These market fees cover license, market liability insurance, advertising, special events, signage, market manager salary, etc. and are non-refundable. (*Season vendors in arrears with fees will be required to make payment arrangements with the manager and, until paid up, will be required to pay the weekly fee.) Indicate which of the following apply to your production and vending and attach with your application: Attestation for Farm Grown Products JCFM Crafters Application NC Dept. of Revenue ‘Certificate of Registration” NCDA Kitchen Inspection NCDA Meat Handler's license FDA Short course certification (for acidified foods) USDA Organic Certification Jackson County Health Department inspection Other Certifications